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Lesson 89: ~なんか/なんて

Usage 1:

Noun + なんか/なんて

Meaning of Usage 1:

「~なんか/なんて」means “or something/ something like this”.
It’s used to give an example.

Examples of Usage 1:

I think something like this is very suitable for you!

I don’t watch TV shows or something often.

Usage 2:

Noun + なんか

Meaning of Usage 2:

「なんか」means “…or something”.
It’s used to be humble if you use this to yourself, and used to disdain someone if you use this to others.

Examples of Usage 2:

People like you can’t understand this.

People like me can’t do this.

Usage 3:

Sentence + なんて

Meaning of Usage 3:

「なんて」is used to express that you are surprised.

Example of Usage 3:

I can’t believe that he is the top 1.

It never occurred to me that he might be an escaped prisoner.
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2 thoughts on “Lesson 89: ~なんか/なんて

  1. This is really useful! I hear Japanese people say it so often and now I know how to use it too, thanks!


  2. これなんか役に立つとおもうよ、便利みたいだし。




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