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Lesson 34: 〜じゃん/じゃない/じゃないか

Usage 1:

①Verb (Dictionary Form, Past Tense Form, Negative Form) + (ん) + じゃん/じゃない/じゃないか
②Te Form of Verb + いる + (ん) + じゃん/じゃない/じゃないか
③i-Adj + (ん)  + じゃん/じゃない/じゃないか
④na-Adj + (なん) + じゃん/じゃない/じゃないか

Meaning of Usage 1:

「~じゃん/じゃない/じゃないか」is used to emphasize a sentence.

Example Sentences of Usage 1:

Well done!


You look really good when you wear a suit.

Isn’t he gorgeous? – So tall and smart-looking.

I told you so.

Notes of Usage 1:

①じゃん can be used by male and female.
②じゃない can only be used by female.
③じゃないか can only be used by male.

Usage 2:

Noun + じゃない/じゃないか

Meaning of Usage 2:

「じゃない/じゃないか」is used to express that you are surprised or angry.

Example Sentences of Usage 2:

Hi, Tanaka!

That’s a nice car you’re driving.

What a nice car you have! You must have paid a lot for it.
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