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N3 Grammar Course

Lesson 71: 〜ということだ

Usage 1:

〜によると/によれば/の話では + Sentence + ということだ

Meaning of Usage 1:

“It seems that… according to…”.

Example Sentences of Usage 1:

It seems that she passed the exam according to what he said.

It seems that it will be raining tomorrow according to the weather forecast.

According to the weather forecast, it will clear up tomorrow.

The report states that there will be a depression.

The police blamed the hot dog-days for sparking the riot.

Usage 2:

Noun + ということだ
Verb + ということだ

Meaning of Usage 2:

In other words…

Example Sentences of Usage 2:

You don’t need to come to the company from tomorrow, in other words, you are fired.

She hasn’t been here yet, in other words, she is late again.
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