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Hi, I’m Marshall, a student in The University of Tokyo.
Welcome to my website!

I will teach you Japanese from scratch to advanced.
This website is 100% free and ads-free.(Running by donations from kind users.)

Note: The artist of homepage cover is ASK.

You can access all courses without an account, but there are some benefits if you have an account.

Benefits of Registering:

①Be able to access all 4839 quizzes and use quiz history feature to review your mistake.
②Be able to use activity stream to practice your Japanese.
③Be able to use point system, rank system, badge system and leaderboard system.
④Be able to use forum to ask questions.
⑤Be able to record learning progress by marking courses and lessons as “completed” after you finished it.

How to learn Japanese step by step?

Below is a Japanese learning growth path to help you learn Japanese step by step. You can find it in the footer too!

How to support this website?

As I said on the homepage of this website, there are 1815 lessons and 4896 quizzes for 100% free and ads-free.
But it’s not realistic to keep a free website running without your support. I won’t use ads because it will hurt user experience.
I have spent thousands of bucks and hours already. That’s why I set up PayPal and Patreon Page.
I will feel guilty if you support this website without getting some bonus.
So I made some extra contents for one-time Contributors and Patrons.
It’s a way of saying thank you.
Thank you so much for helping this website exist!

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