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I will teach you Japanese step by step here.
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(1)Access 4839 quizzes for free.
(covering hiragana&katakana, verb conjugation, grammar, kanji, vocabulary, reading and listening quizzes, from Basic to N1) .
(2)Leaderboards to compete with other users.
(3)Quiz History Feature to review your mistake.

Example of Quiz

②Bonus Courses

(1)Kanji Course: Kanji course covers kanji from N5 to N2 (874 kanji in total) , more kanjis will be updated in the near future.
(2)Vocabulary Course: There are 47 categories now, more will be updated in the near future.
(3)Sentence Course: There are over 400 sentences with audio files for now, more will be updated in the near future.
(4)Reading Course: Stories to help you practice your reading skill.

Kanji Page
Kanji for “car”

③Friend system,Private message system ,Group system and Forum.

You can add other users as friends, send private messages and learn Japanese together by joining the group or creating your own group!
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④Point system, Rank system and Leaderboard system to help you keep the motivation!


How to learn Japanese step by step?

The structure of this website is as below.
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Step 1: Learn JLPT Basic Course.
You can find Basic Courses in the nav menu.
[Courses]→[Basic Course]

Basic Course includes the following Courses,you should learn them one by one.
①Alphabet Course(Hiragana/Katakana)
②Verb Course
③Adjective Course
④Pronoun Course
⑤Particle Course
⑥Sentence Structure Course

Step 2:Learn JLPT Course.
You can find JLPT Courses in the nav menu.
[Courses]→[Grammar Course]/[Vocabulary Course]


①As you have learned all basic Japanese, it’s time for you to start the JLPT Courses!
JLPT is a Japanese Exam to help you learn Japanese step by step. N5 is the easiest one and N1 in the hardest.

②Japanese is just like math, there are many grammar rules(just like math formula) in Japanese, and after you have learned all basic courses, the only thing left is to learn these grammar rules, make sentences based on the example sentences, and take some quizzes to see if you master them.

Step 3:Learn Bonus Courses.
You can find Bonus Courses in the nav menu after you logged in.

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