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Hi, I’m Marshall, a student from The University of Tokyo.
Welcome to Marshall’s Site!

I will teach you Japanese from alphabet to JLPT N1.
Note: JLPT N1 is the highest level in Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, also known as JLPT.

There are 3000+ free lessons and 5000+ free questions on this website. And this website is 100% ad-free.
Note: The artist of homepage cover is ASK.

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④ Record learning progress by marking lessons as “completed” after you finished it.
⑤ Comment below lessons to ask questions and make sentences.(I will answer your questions!)

How to learn Japanese from scratch?

You can find a guide in the nav menu!
It’s a gift for you!

Is there an app for this website?

As a student, it’s very hard for me to maintain a website and an app in the same time, so there is no app for Marshall’s Site.
However, you can add this website on the home screen (just like an app), if you don’t know how to do it, you can find a guide in the footer.

How to help this website grow?

As you can see on the homepage, there are 3000+ lessons and 5000+ questions for 100% free and ad-free.
I made this website single-handedly and have spent thousands of dollars and hours already.
But it’s not realistic to keep a free website running on a student budget, and I won’t put ads on this website because it will hurt user experience.
In order to cover the cost, I have set up the Patreon Page.
If you find this website useful, you can consider supporting this website.
By becoming a Patron, you can access 5200+ extra contents!

Let’s Get Started!

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Enjoy the journey!