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Basic☆ Alphabet Quiz(1116)
Verb Conjugation Input Quiz(390)
JLPT N5N5 Kanji
☆ N5 Single Kanji Quiz(1025)
☆ N5 Kanji Review Quiz(420)

N5 Vocabulary
☆ N5 Vocabulary Quiz(1220)

N5 Grammar
☆ N5 Grammar Quiz(490)
JLPT N4N4 Kanji
☆ N4 Single Kanji Quiz(1650)
☆ N4 Kanji Review Quiz(700)

N4 Vocabulary
☆ N4 Vocabulary Quiz(1540)

N4 Grammar
☆ N4 Grammar Quiz(1130)
JLPT N3N3 Kanji
N3 Kanji Review Quiz(580)

N3 Vocabulary
☆ N3 Vocabulary Quiz(1960)
☆ Genki 1 Vocabulary Input Quiz(508)
☆ Genki 2 Vocabulary Input Quiz(499)

Reading Material

JLPT☆ N5 Reading Material(62)
☆ N4 Reading Material(55)
☆ N3 Reading Material(69)
Sentences☆ Sentence Reading Practice(100)
Conversations☆ Short Conversations(100)
☆ Conversations by Theme(100)
☆Intermediate Dialogues(100)
☆Situational Dialogues(18)
Articles☆ Japanese Funny Story(27)
Short Reading Material(30)
☆ Japanese Fairy Tale(64)


Anki Decks☆ Anki Decks(24)
Listening Materials☆ Business Japanese Audio(100)
WordsWords by Theme: Renewing(adding audio files), will release soon!
Sentences☆Sentences by Theme – Part 1(100)
Grammar☆ Grammar by Theme – Beginner(152)
Set Phrases☆ Useful N5 Set Phrases(32)
☆ Useful N4 Set Phrases(40)
Flashcards☆ N5 Kanji Flashcards(105)
☆ N5 Grammar Flashcards(35)
☆ N4 Kanji Flashcards(175)
EbooksPrintable Ebooks(3)