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Japanese Fairy Tale

Note: There is a vocabulary list and a native voice clip for every fairy tale.
And there are two versions (with furigana and without furigana).
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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves(Part 1)Start
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves(Part 2)Start
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves(Part 3)Start
Snow White(Part 1)Start
Snow White(Part 2)Start
Snow White(Part 3)Start
The Ugly Duckling(Part 1)Start
The Ugly Duckling(Part 2)Start
The Ugly Duckling(Part 3)Start
The Little Match Girl(Part 1)Start
The Little Match Girl(Part 2)Start
The Little Match Girl(Part 3)Start
The Little Match Girl(Part 4)Start
The Little Mermaid(Part 1)Start
The Little Mermaid(Part 2)Start
The Little Mermaid(Part 3)Start
The Little Mermaid(Part 4)Start
The Mice in CouncilStart
The Greedy DogStart
A Lion and a Dog, and a FoxStart
The Runaway CrowStart
The Kid Playing In The WaterStart
Fisherman and small fishStart
Fox and LeopardStart
Prometheus and HumansStart
The North Wind and The SunStart
The Camel that Humans saw for the first timeStart
The Bat and The WeaselsStart
The Farmer and Lady LuckStart
Deer with one eyeStart
Oak tree and ZeusStart
Injured wolfStart
Hunter and lumberjackStart
Woman and henStart
Bird trapping and mantis shrimpStart
The goddess of the Moon and motherStart
Wild DonkeyStart
Man with salt and pepper hairStart
Rooster and jewelStart
Blacksmith and dogStart
Hunter and lionStart
Hungry dogsStart
Snake, weasel and mouseStart
Pig and dogStart
Aesop at the shipyardStart
The farmer and his sonsStart
A dog and a lion's skinStart
Flea and cowStart
Female cat and AphroditeStart
Chicken and catStart
The two frogsStart
Tuna and dolphinStart
The fishermen and the stonesStart
Travelers and crowStart
A rich manStart
Farmer and snakeStart
Man and promiseStart
Crow and swanStart
“Good Things” and “Bad Things”Start