Japanese Learning

Intermediate Dialogues

Dialogue 1: Happy New YearStart
Dialogue 2: It's not a big dealStart
Dialogue 3: Please take your timeStart
Dialogue 4: Token of New AcquaintanceStart
Dialogue 5: My Condolence To YouStart
Dialogue 6: I've heard a lot about youStart
Dialogue 7: Say hello to the directorStart
Dialogue 8: CongratulationsStart
Dialogue 9: Sorry for concerning youStart
Dialogue 10: That's okayStart
Dialogue 11: That's a weight off my mindStart
Dialogue 12: What's the matter?Start
Dialogue 13: I'm relievedStart
Dialogue 14: I wonder if something happenedStart
Dialogue 15: I can't rest for worryStart
Dialogue 16: Ah, I'm in troubleStart
Dialogue 17: What a surpriseStart
Dialogue 18: I never thought it would happenStart
Dialogue 19: I can not believe itStart
Dialogue 20: Pardon?Start
Dialogue 21: Really?Start
Dialogue 22: Don't surprise meStart
Dialogue 23: That's a surpriseStart
Dialogue 24: No way!Start
Dialogue 25: Hallelujah!Start
Dialogue 26: HappinessStart
Dialogue 27: Mom was impressedStart
Dialogue 28: It's a hand mirror!Start
Dialogue 29: Imagine a lot of thingsStart
Dialogue 30: I'm glad you're a very nice boyStart
Dialogue 31: It's like a dream come true!Start
Dialogue 32: I'm glad to hear thatStart
Dialogue 33: It makes me shiverStart
Dialogue 34: It's enough!Start
Dialogue 35: You always bandy words with meStart
Dialogue 36: Aren't you embarrassed?Start
Dialogue 37: Who do you think you are?Start
Dialogue 38: You don't care about me, right?Start
Dialogue 39: I don't want to be bothered anymoreStart
Dialogue 40: The job is boringStart
Dialogue 41: I hate this!Start
Dialogue 42: I think it's a good songStart
Dialogue 43: I hate you!Start
Dialogue 44: I don't like his faceStart
Dialogue 45: Yeah, I like it tooStart
Dialogue 46: What one likes, one will do wellStart
Dialogue 47: I don't like yuzu, eitherStart
Dialogue 48: I really like itStart
Dialogue 49: What's done is doneStart
Dialogue 50: We should have played mahjong together at that timeStart
Dialogue 51: That was so close!Start
Dialogue 52: It could have been worseStart
Dialogue 53: All you can do is to work harder next timeStart
Dialogue 54: I made a terrible mistakeStart
Dialogue 55: Why did I buy this?Start
Dialogue 56: I feel ashamed of myselfStart
Dialogue 57: I'm sorry for always causing you inconveniencesStart
Dialogue 58: Thank you very much for the other dayStart
Dialogue 59: Thank you for the feast the other dayStart
Dialogue 60: I'm grateful for thisStart
Dialogue 61: I really can't thank you enoughStart
Dialogue 62: SorryStart
Dialogue 63: I'm really sorryStart
Dialogue 64: I apologize once againStart
Dialogue 65: What do you think?Start
Dialogue 66: Why don't you take a break once in a while?Start
Dialogue 67: Got itStart
Dialogue 68: Sounds good!Start
Dialogue 69: It's nonsenseStart
Dialogue 70: Why don't you use a hair dryer?Start
Dialogue 71: Why not public school?Start
Dialogue 72: Nope, I've had enoughStart
Dialogue 73: Letter of recommendationStart
Dialogue 74: Could you please speed up a bit more?Start
Dialogue 75: Just go!Start
Dialogue 76: Do your study!Start
Dialogue 77: Take me to the amusement park!Start
Dialogue 78: Let's line up!Start
Dialogue 79: Could you please help me?Start
Dialogue 80: Please watch the house for meStart
Dialogue 81: I hope you will comeStart
Dialogue 82: Sunday is okayStart
Dialogue 83: Would you like to have a drink with me?Start
Dialogue 84: Let's goStart
Dialogue 85: Are you free next Sunday?Start
Dialogue 86: That's okayStart
Dialogue 87: It's a little difficultStart
Dialogue 88: I'm afraid it's not possibleStart
Dialogue 89: I'm embarrassedStart
Dialogue 90: Isn't it a wonderful son?Start
Dialogue 91: The pronunciation has improved a lotStart
Dialogue 92: You praise me too muchStart
Dialogue 93: As good as I expectedStart
Dialogue 94: I still need to study moreStart
Dialogue 95: I was surprisedStart
Dialogue 96: The new house feels goodStart
Dialogue 97: Would you mind not smoking?Start
Dialogue 98: It is doubtfulStart
Dialogue 99: Be scolded while following the rulesStart
Dialogue 100: Clean up the room every dayStart