Japanese Learning

Situational Dialogues

Dialogue 1: Lost childStart
Dialogue 2: Future plansStart
Dialogue 3: Go to the teacher's houseStart
Dialogue 4: Part-time jobStart
Dialogue 5: Birthday presentStart
Dialogue 6: Valentine's DayStart
Dialogue 7: InvitationStart
Dialogue 8: Electric appliance storeStart
Dialogue 9: Look for a houseStart
Dialogue 10: Move houseStart
Dialogue 11: Come back from dateStart
Dialogue 12: Visit the sickStart
Dialogue 13: Eat in the restaurantStart
Dialogue 14: Go on tourStart
Dialogue 15: On a planeStart
Dialogue 16: Temple fairStart
Dialogue 17: Talk about temple fairStart
Dialogue 18: Meet at the subway stationStart