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N2 Grammar Course


Usage 1:

①Dictionary Form of Verb + かとおもえば
②Past Tense Form of Verb + かとおもえば
③Noun + かとおもえば

Meaning of Usage 1:

「〜かと思えば」is used to express that something is beyond your expectation. You think it will be A, but it’s B instead.

Examples of Usage 1:

I thought it would be cool, but it became hot again.
I thought he would ask her out, but he gave up again.

Usage 2:

Dictionary Form of Verb + かとおもえば…もある/もいる

Meaning of Usage 2:

「〜かと思えば……もある/もいる」means “There are… and there are… too”.

Examples of Usage 2:

There are people who can live for over 100 years, and there are babies who died without being one year old too.
There are days that I can’t write even one page, and there are days I can write tens of pages at once too.

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