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Basic Expression Course

Lesson 8: Basic Expression Review

Below are some examples that combine what you have learned in the former lessons.


There is a book on the desk.

There is a bag under the desk.

There is a notebook in the bag.

Mr. Yamada is on the right of Mr. Tanaka.

Mr. Kimura is on the left of Mr. Tanaka.

There is a cat in front of the house.

There is a car behind the house.

The post is opposite the house.

Saitama is located north of Tokyo.

Mr. Tanaka is in the classroom.

Mr. Yamada is outside the classroom.

There is a park in front of my house.

Mr. Tanaka is next to Mr. Yamada.

The school is near my house.

The book is in the bag.

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4 thoughts on “Lesson 8: Basic Expression Review

  1. Mr.Tanaka is in the classroom- 教室の中に田中さんがいます
    is this correct too?
    thank you so much for this website I am learning a lot in a very short period of time (•◡•) /


    1. Admin bar avatar

      Yes, it’s correct!


  2. This is tough…


    1. Admin bar avatar

      You can make some sentences yourself, practice is important!


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