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Basic Expression Course

Lesson 6: NounにNounがあります/います

In this lesson, I will teach you how to describe a person or thing that exists in a place.


に is a particle.
に has other functions too, but no worries, you can learn them in Particle Course later.
For now, you only need to know に can be used to indicate the location of something.

Noun 1 (Place) + に + Noun 2 (Thing) + が + あります

Noun 1 (Place) + に + Noun 2 (Person / Animal) + が + います
There is a … at/in …
Noun 1 (Thing) + は + Noun 2 (Place) + に + あります

Noun 1(Person / Animal) + は + Noun 2 (Place) + に + います
…is at/in …

Example Sentences:

There is a computer in the room.

There is a tree in the park.

There is a dog in the house.

There is a student in the classroom.

The computer is in the room.

A student is in the classroom.


①You can use どこ to ask the location.

A: パソコンはどこにありますか。
A: Where is your computer?

B: 部屋へやにあります。
B: It’s in the room.


A: なかさんはどこにいますか。
A: Where is Mr. Tanaka?

B: きょうしつにいます。
B: Mr. Tanaka is in the classroom.

②「Noun + があります」「Noun + がいます」can be used to express “have”.

A: 質問しつもんがありますか。
A: Do you have any questions?

B: ありません。
A: No, I don’t.


I don’t have money.


I have kids.

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8 thoughts on “Lesson 6: NounにNounがあります/います

  1. What’s the difference between NにNがあります and NはNにあります?


    1. Admin bar avatar

      NにNがあります:emphasize the N before が
      NはNにあります:emphasize Nにあります
      You will learn the difference between が and は in particle course. No worries.


  2. I think 家に犬がいます means “There is a dog at home”
    “I have a dog at home ” is 私は家に犬を飼っています


  3. For 公園に木があります, is there any way to easily tell if it’s “There are trees in the park” vs “There is a tree in the park?”


    1. Admin bar avatar

      Use Counter.


  4. Hello, hope your well Marshall!! Just making sure, N stands for noun?


    1. Admin bar avatar

      Yes!I have updated the contents to make it more clear.


    2. Thanks!!


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