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Lesson 15: Causative Passive Form

In this lesson, I will teach you how to convert Japanese verbs to Causative Passive Form.

What Does Causative Passive Form Mean?

Causative Passive Form means “be made to do something by someone else”.
It is used when you want to express that you have been made to do something by someone else. For example if you were made to do your homework by your mum, that is the perfect time to use it.

How to convert Japanese Verbs to Causative Passive Form?

Type-1 Verb:change the u-hiragana to a-hiragana and add せられる in the end.
For example,く→かせられる.
But please note that there is an exception. When it is a verb that looks like xx-う,for example,う,then you need to change う to わ,not あ,so it will be う→わせられる.

Type-2 Verb:change the る in the end to させられる.
For example,べる→べさせられる

Type-3 Verb: change the する in the end to させられる.
For example,べんきょうする→べんきょうさせられる

Irregular Verb:する→させられる る→させられる

Example Sentences:

I was made to write the answer by the teacher.

I was made to leave my job by my wife.

He made me wait over 2 hours.

She was forced to work overtime.

Every day, my father makes me eat vegetables.
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    “He made me wait over 2 hours” instead of “He made me wait over 3 hours”?


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      Sorry for the inconvenience, it’s a typo, I have fixed it already!


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