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Particle List

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You want to express?particle you should use
likes and dislikes
the level of skill
the ability
the relationship
the appositive
the attributive clause
change Verb to Noun.
Replace something that both the listener and speaker know.
the quantity of something
object marker
the place that you pass by
the starting point of movement
the place where something exists
time marker
the receiver of things or information
point of destination while moving something
object of action
place of arrival
the result of change
the agent in causative form and passive formから
comparison criterion
the goal of action
the reason of action
coordinate relation
quote content
the content of thought
starting pointからより
the materialからより
The giver of things or informationから
the base point of comparisonより
the place where something happens
the range in which things hold.
means and methods
the reason
the number of people who take actions