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Lesson 3: カキクケコ

In this lesson, I will teach you five katakana.
They are カキクケコ.

カ is pronounced as /ka/.

TipA kite is flying in the sky. 
カ as in “kite”.

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キ is pronounced as /ki/.

TipI have a key. 
キ as in “key”.

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ク is pronounced as /ku/.

TipThis is a quick seven. 
ク as in “quick”.

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ケ is pronounced as /ke/.

TipIt’s a crooked “K”. 
ケ as in crooked “K”.

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コ is pronounced as /ko/.

TipI have a cold. 
コ as in “cold”.

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Romaji of カキクケコ:

Romajika, ki, ku, ke, ko

Vocabulary containing カキクケコ:


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2 thoughts on “Lesson 3: カキクケコ

  1. I have a suggestion that you could take the quizz after every lesson 1, lesson 2 untill last lesson to evaluate how far we can remember The caracters. Like When we finished to read lesson 2 we can get evaluate of from lesson 1 and lesson 2.
    It’s just my suggestion. I’m so grateful if you accept that 🙏☺


    1. Admin bar avatar

      It will make this course have too many lessons. No worries, you can practice these kana in the easy mode, and your score won’t be counted in the easy mode, so just feel free to practice them!


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