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Lesson 2: You

In this lesson, I will teach you how to say “You” in Japanese.

In Japanese, you use あなた and きみ to say “You”.


It’s not polite to use あなた and きみ directly to superiors or strangers (It’s okay to use them to your friends), so you’d better avoid using them to superiors or strangers whenever possible. Instead, you can say something directly. Such as げんですか。Means “How are you?”. You don’t need to say “あなたはげんですか”

Plural Form & Impolite Form

As for the plural form and impolite form, you can refer to below.
(You will see impolite form often in anime and manga.)
Usually, it’s enough to use あなたたち as the plural form of “you”.

Plural Formあなたがた>あなたたち
Impolite Form きみ、おまえさま、あんた、きみたち、おまえたち、おまえ

Note: Don’t use them to strangers or superiors because it’s impolite.