Japanese Learning

Sentences From Anime

Lesson 1: Wait up!Start
Lesson 2: Don’t worry about it!Start
Lesson 3: I know that.Start
Lesson 4: Sorry, I have cram school today!Start
Lesson 5: Are you injured?Start
Lesson 6: I won’t lose next time!Start
Lesson 7: I’ll do my best!Start
Lesson 8: Hey. I want you to listen to me.Start
Lesson 9: What if we lose?Start
Lesson 10: Stop talking about that!Start
Lesson 11: I know.Start
Lesson 12: Tsk.Start
Lesson 13: Crap, I overslept.Start
Lesson 14: He’s better than I expected.Start
Lesson 15: What do you mean?Start
Lesson 16: I want to always be with you!Start
Lesson 17: Most of the people in class don’t even know.Start
Lesson 18: What do you think?Start
Lesson 19: Pay attention here!Start
Lesson 20: Are you sure you’re not doing this on purpose?!Start
Lesson 21: Don’t look at me like that!Start
Lesson 22: Aw, are you leaving?Start
Lesson 23: By the way, have you met him?Start
Lesson 24: Don’t come near me! Just leave me alone!Start
Lesson 25: I don’t want a present like that!Start
Lesson 26: Please enter a nickname.Start
Lesson 27: This is a trap.Start
Lesson 28: All right. Let’s think about this again.Start
Lesson 29: You’re so dependable!Start
Lesson 30: You’ve never been to a mixer, have you?Start
Lesson 31: Ah, I’m so blessed.Start
Lesson 32: That isn’t the issue here!Start
Lesson 33: Oh, for real?Start
Lesson 34: That truly is a beautiful voice.Start
Lesson 35: You seem oddly chipper.Start
Lesson 36: What are you saying?!Start
Lesson 37: Sorry, I sent that mail by accident.Start
Lesson 38: Come to think of it, I’m hungry…Start
Lesson 39: Leave the rest to me.Start
Lesson 40: Let’s go somewhere else.Start
Lesson 41: I think you’d do well to take things easy a little.Start
Lesson 42: That’s so not fair!Start
Lesson 43: It seemed fun, so I joined in.Start
Lesson 44: When did you start liking these types of things?Start
Lesson 45: I can’t deny that.Start
Lesson 46: Tell me straight away if it hurts!Start
Lesson 47: However, only if you pass the test!Start
Lesson 48: Do whatever you like.Start
Lesson 49: You’re satisfied, right?Start
Lesson 50: It’s ridiculous that I shouldn’t like them just because I’m a guy.Start
Lesson 51: I’ll take care of the rest, so consolidate the pile.Start
Lesson 52: Shouldn’t we protect her?Start
Lesson 53: Huh? You were doing your homework at school? Why?Start
Lesson 54: Don’t worry. If a stranger shows up, I’ll subdue them.Start
Lesson 55: Do you want to go somewhere on the way back?Start
Lesson 56: It hurts more than it looks.Start
Lesson 57: Sorry I’m late!Start
Lesson 58: Give me that photo, too.Start
Lesson 59: I’m not that great.Start
Lesson 60: Oh, let me see that.Start
Lesson 61: So you’re going to run away every time, just like this…Start
Lesson 62: Wouldn’t everyone be amazed after seeing that?Start
Lesson 63: How can you be fine after jumping down from the roof?!Start
Lesson 64: Congratulations on your graduation!Start
Lesson 65: What’s your favorite music?Start
Lesson 66: Why are they crying for joy? I don’t understand at all.Start
Lesson 67: It doesn’t matter either way, does it?Start
Lesson 68: You look so cute! You’re like a girl!Start
Lesson 69: But why are you doing this?Start
Lesson 70: It seems like our customers are more highly strung than usual.Start
Lesson 71: By the way, do you have any ballroom dancing experience?Start
Lesson 72: You don’t look too enthusiastic.Start
Lesson 73: No matter what I do, he just doesn’t care at all.Start
Lesson 74: Let me propose to you again.Start
Lesson 75: There’s no need to hurry.Start
Lesson 76: I see. Yeah, you’re right.Start
Lesson 77: Why did your wife and daughter leave you?Start
Lesson 78: We should return home.Start
Lesson 79: What did you say?!Start
Lesson 80: Hey, don’t cut in line!Start
Lesson 81: You’re always so impulsive when you’re riled up.Start
Lesson 82: I don’t have any will of my own...Start
Lesson 83: You’re just giving up because you think you can’t win?Start
Lesson 84: It’s been five years.Start
Lesson 85: I didn’t ask for your opinion.Start
Lesson 86: Sorry for being a burden.Start
Lesson 87: You should ask your father.Start
Lesson 88: Let’s do it!Start
Lesson 89: It’s at least worth a shot.Start
Lesson 90: Are you insane?!Start
Lesson 91: Don’t think badly of me.Start
Lesson 92: Do you know his name?Start
Lesson 93: Values vary depending on the environment.Start
Lesson 94: You need anything?Start
Lesson 95: How long have you lived in Japan?Start
Lesson 96: Not exactly.Start
Lesson 97: You’re being too chummy!Start
Lesson 98: I’m waving the thermometer to reset it.Start
Lesson 99: What about school?Start
Lesson 100: Why did you risk your life to save me?Start