Japanese Learning

Mini Conversations

Conversation 1: Are you ready to order?Start
Conversation 2: What's the capital of your country?Start
Conversation 3: I'm sorry to hear that.Start
Conversation 4: Whose book is this?Start
Conversation 5: Jack is easy to talk with.Start
Conversation 6: Don't you have my hat?Start
Conversation 7: How much money do you want to exchange?Start
Conversation 8: Why are you so sure?Start
Conversation 9: What's the matter with you?Start
Conversation 10: Who's driving?Start
Conversation 11: Are you coming with me?Start
Conversation 12: What a pity!Start
Conversation 13: Where are your pens?Start
Conversation 14: Do you have a pet?Start
Conversation 15: Please water the flowers.Start
Conversation 16: How much do I owe you?Start
Conversation 17: Could you call me?Start
Conversation 18: What should I wear?Start
Conversation 19: Do you like your new shoes?Start
Conversation 20: How long have you studied English?Start
Conversation 21: How long have you been working?Start
Conversation 22: How's it going?Start
Conversation 23: It's up to you.Start
Conversation 24: At 6 o'clock sharp.Start
Conversation 25: Do you have any more colors?Start
Conversation 26: Where does it hurt?Start
Conversation 27: Oh, please don't worry about it.Start
Conversation 28: What are you doing?Start
Conversation 29: That's right.Start
Conversation 30: What did the doctor say?Start
Conversation 31: It's a bad idea.Start
Conversation 32: I want a refund.Start
Conversation 33: What are they doing?Start
Conversation 34: Can you hear me?Start
Conversation 35: I'll see you at six.Start
Conversation 36: I'm a vegetarian.Start
Conversation 37: Can you speak French?Start
Conversation 38: Certainly.Start
Conversation 39: Wait a minute.Start
Conversation 40: When is it convenient for you?Start
Conversation 41: Are you coming?Start
Conversation 42: It seems like this is the long way.Start
Conversation 43: Let's go to the gym.Start
Conversation 44: What's your motherland?Start
Conversation 45: What does your father do?Start
Conversation 46: Who told you?Start
Conversation 47: What shall we do this afternoon?Start
Conversation 48: How long have you stayed there?Start
Conversation 49: May I try it on?Start
Conversation 50: Why did you divorce?Start
Conversation 51: I promise.Start
Conversation 52: What day was yesterday?Start
Conversation 53: Is it close to the subway station?Start
Conversation 54: You should eat more.Start
Conversation 55: When can I visit?Start
Conversation 56: What will it be after the clear weather?Start
Conversation 57: Which one do you think is better?Start
Conversation 58: How have you been recently?Start
Conversation 59: Are there any questions?Start
Conversation 60: I can't find Tom!Start
Conversation 61: Where were you last week?Start
Conversation 62: Should we walk?Start
Conversation 63: It's growing cool.Start
Conversation 64: Which is your best subject?Start
Conversation 65: Hi, nice to meet you!Start
Conversation 66: What time would you like to start work?Start
Conversation 67: I'm responsible for this.Start
Conversation 68: What was he saying?Start
Conversation 69: I think so, too.Start
Conversation 70: More than 3 years.Start
Conversation 71: How's the weather today?Start
Conversation 72: How did you like the song?Start
Conversation 73: Yes, I think it does.Start
Conversation 74: Just so-so.Start
Conversation 75: Where are you going?Start
Conversation 76: How amazing!Start
Conversation 77: Are you feeling okay?Start
Conversation 78: Do you think it fits OK?Start
Conversation 79: Could you do me a favor?Start
Conversation 80: It looks like it's going to rain again.Start
Conversation 81: What happened?Start
Conversation 82: Okay, I'll do that right away.Start
Conversation 83: Is it far?Start
Conversation 84: How are you?Start
Conversation 85: Are you going to be late today?Start
Conversation 86: Where are you from?Start
Conversation 87: What's your address?Start
Conversation 88: I agree with you.Start
Conversation 89: What would you like to eat?Start
Conversation 90: I'm running a fever.Start
Conversation 91: Have a nice weekend!Start
Conversation 92: I found your lost keys.Start
Conversation 93: Have you ever played tennis?Start
Conversation 94: I go abroad for touring every year.Start
Conversation 95: About 5 kilograms.Start
Conversation 96: How is the taste?Start
Conversation 97: What do you do in your free time?Start
Conversation 98: Neither.Start
Conversation 99: You made a mistake on this bill.Start
Conversation 100: Wait a minute.Start