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Lesson 2: あいうえお

In this lesson, I will teach you five hiragana.
They are あいうえお.

あ is pronounced as /a/.

TipAn antenna is on top of the roof.
あ as in “antenna”.

Stroke Order
Write it Down

い is pronounced as /i/.

TipThere are two eels.
い as in “eels”.
Stroke Order
Write it Down

う is pronounced as /u/.

TipOoo!This is heavy.
う as in “Ooo!”.
Stroke Order
Write it Down

え is pronounced as /e/.

TipI have to exercise.
え as in “exercise”.
Stroke Order
Write it Down

お is pronounced as /o/.

Tipa golf ball is on the green.
お as in “on”.
Stroke Order
Write it Down

Romaji of あいうえお:

Romajia, i, u, e, o

Vocabulary containing あいうえお:

会うあうto meetVerb
合うあうto fitVerb
言ういうto sayVerb
追うおうto chase; to catchVerb


I put a vocabulary list like above in every lesson to help you practice Hiragana/Katakana.
The alphabets in “Word” column are called as “kanji”, you don’t need to remember them for now.(I have kanji course to help you remember kanji by its origin and its vocabulary, you can learn them later.)
And you don’t need to remember these words too(although it won’t hurt to remember part of them), The purpose of this vocabulary list is to help you practice Hiragana.

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15 thoughts on “Lesson 2: あいうえお

  1. This is a fantastic resource. I really appreciate the examples to remember each character. Thanks a lot.


  2. How would you pronounce these all together like in the vocabulary list?


  3. I love the vocabulary table, it helps!


  4. Thanks a lot. This is really really helpful:)


  5. Just starting out! All my best to every fellow japanese enthusiast!


    1. How are you faring currently?


    2. I’ll take it that you’ve given up?


  6. Hi there!!
    First, thank you for your dedication to teaching japanese to complete strangers on the internet. You are wonderful.
    I did have questions on the vocabulary. I do not know the differences between kanji and the other alphabets. So, It seems a little too easy to pronounce these and be what they actually are. I think the kanji may be throwing me off. Such as “い” does that actually mean “stomach”? or is it a contextual character? and so on.

    Maybe I need a quick run down on the differences between the alphabets and why theres different ones. Thank you again!


    1. Admin bar avatar

      You are welcome! If you have any questions, just comment below every lesson! I will help you!


  7. Here I go, embarking on my journey towards learning Japanese. Hopefully next year I can revisit this comment and see just how much Ive grown. But, knowing me, I probably wont last that long, but we’ll see. Wish me luck!


    1. Admin bar avatar

      Nice to meet you! If you have any questions just comment below the lesson! I will answer your question as soon as possible!
      Good luck!


    2. Well, here I am, one year later… I have managed to learn quite a lot of Japanese over the past year, but have stopped for multiple months at a time since I get busy… or lazy. (lol) I’m glad that at least I’ve gotten this far and I hope to invest time into Japanese this year as well. I guess I’ll come back in another year to see if I’ve learned anything.


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  8. Hey man really appreciate the way you added a vocabulary table below the lessons. It helps a lot.


    1. Admin bar avatar

      You are welcome!


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