Japanese Learning

About Me

Hi, I’m Marshall!
Below is some basic information about me!

About Me

BirthdayMarch 9th
UniversityThe University of Tokyo
Favorite ColorBlack & White
Hobbyanime, game, web design, coding
Favorite AnimeDemon Slayer
Attack on Titan
Kaguya Sama: Love is war
Favorite GameThe Legend of Heroes
My PhilosophySimple, Simpler, Simplest
Contact Meplease contact me through Discord Server

About My Dream

My dream is to let everyone learn Japanese easier.
I think although Japanese is very difficult, it’s a super charming and interesting language.
That’s why I spent thousands of hours and dollars to make this website and decided to continue making new contents every day.
There are many Japanese learning resources on the Internet.
But they are not good enough. So I want to change this situation.