Japanese Learning

Type-1 Verbs that look like Type-2 Verb

帰るかえるto go home
切るきるto cut
減るへるto decrease
知るしるto know
走るはしるto run
入るはいるto come in
返るかえるto return
滑るすべるto slip
参るまいるto come、to go
混じるまじるto mix
握るにぎるto squeeze
煎るいるto roast
練るねるto knead
散るちるto scatter
照るてるto shine
蹴るけるto kick
焦るあせるto be in a hurry
限るかぎるto limit
湿るしめるto damp
茂るしげるto grow thick
遮るさえぎるto obstruct
罵るののしるto abuse
嘲るあざけるto ridicule
漲るみなぎるto be full of water
覆るくつがえるto overturn