Japanese Learning

JLPT Type-1 Verbs

N5会うあうto meet
N5開くあくto be open
N5洗うあらうto wash
N5あるあるto have
N5歩くあるくto walk
N5言ういうto say
N5行くいくto go
N5急ぐいそぐto be in a hurry
N5要るいるto need
N5祝ういわうto celebrate
N5歌ううたうto sing
N5売るうるto sell
N5選ぶえらぶto choose
N5置くおくto put
N5送るおくるto send
N5押すおすto press; to push
N5おっしゃるおっしゃるto say
N5思うおもうto think
N5買うかうto buy
N5泳ぐおよぐto swim
N5終わるおわるto be over
N5返すかえすto return
N5帰るかえるto go home
N5かかるかかるto take (time)
N5書くかくto write
N5貸すかすto lend
N5被るかぶるto put on (a hat)
N5聞くきくto ask; to listen
N5切るきるto cut; to turn off
N5曇るくもるto cloud
N5消すけすto turn off; to remove
N5困るこまるto be in trouble
N5込むこむto be crowded
N5探すさがすto look for
N5咲くさくto bloom
N5差すさすto fill
N5死ぬしぬto die
N5閉まるしまるto be closed
N5知るしるto know
N5吸うすうto suck
N5滑るすべるto slip
N5住むすむto live
N5座るすわるto sit down
N5出すだすto take out
N5立つたつto stand
N5頼むたのむto request
N5違うちがうto be different
N5使うつかうto use
N5着くつくto arrive
N5作るつくるto make
N5飛ぶとぶto fly
N5止まるとまる(it) stops
N5取るとるto take
N5撮るとるto take (photos)
N5直すなおすto correct
N5泣くなくto cry
N5なくすなくすto lose
N5悩むなやむto be worried
N5習うならうto learn
N5並ぶならぶto line up
N5なるなるto become
N5脱ぐぬぐto take off (clothes)
N5登るのぼるto climb
N5飲むのむto drink
N5乗るのるto get on
N5入るはいるto come in
N5穿くはくto put on (pants)
N5履くはくto put on (shoes/socks)
N5始まるはじまる(it) begins
N5走るはしるto run
N5働くはたらくto work
N5貼るはるto post
N5引くひくto pull
N5弾くひくto play (instruments)
N5吹くふくto blow
N5振るふるto shake; to dump
N5降るふるto fall down
N5曲がるまがるto turn
N5待つまつto wait
N5迷うまようto wonder
N5見送るみおくるto see off
N5磨くみがくto brush
N5申すもうすto say (humble)
N5持つもつto hold
N5休むやすむto take a rest
N5やるやるto do; to play (games)
N5呼ぶよぶto call
N5読むよむto read
N5分かるわかるto understand
N5渡すわたすto hand over
N5渡るわたるto cross
N4上がるあがるto rise
N4合うあうto fit
N4空くあくto be vacant
N4集まるあつまるto gather
N4謝るあやまるto apologize
N4祈るいのるto pray
N4致すいたすto do (humble)
N4頂くいただくto receive (humble)
N4急ぐいそぐto hurry
N4動くうごくto move
N4打つうつto hit
N4写すうつすto copy
N4移るうつるto move; to transfer
N4伺ううかがうto ask; to visit
N4選ぶえらぶto choose
N4行うおこなうto perform; to do
N4怒るおこるto be angry
N4踊るおどるto dance
N4驚くおどろくto be surprised
N4起こすおこすto wake (someone) up
N4送るおくるto send
N4思い出すおもいだすto remember
N4折るおるto fold; to break
N4仰るおっしゃるto say (respectful)
N4落とすおとすto drop
N4飾るかざるto decorate
N4構うかまうto mind
N4噛むかむto bite; to chew
N4勝つかつto win
N4通うかようto commute
N4乾くかわくto get dry
N4変わるかわるto change
N4決まるきまるto be decided
N4下さるくださるto give
N4壊すこわすto break
N4込むこむto be crowded
N4ご覧になるごらんになるto see (respectful)
N4騒ぐさわぐto make noise; to be excited
N4触るさわるto touch
N4下がるさがるto get down
N4探すさがすto look for
N4叱るしかるto scold
N4進むすすむto make progress
N4済むすむto finish
N4滑るすべるto slide; to slip
N4空くすくto be hungry
N4足すたすto add
N4付くつくto be attached
N4続くつづくto continue
N4包むつつむto wrap
N4釣るつるto fish
N4手伝うてつだうto help
N4通るとおるto go through
N4泊まるとまるto stay at
N4泣くなくto cry
N4治すなおすto cure
N4鳴るなるto sound
N4無くなるなくなるto disappear
N4亡くなるなくなるto die
N4直るなおるto be fixed; to be repaired
N4治るなおるto be cured; to heal
N4似るにるto be similar
N4盗むぬすむto steal
N4塗るぬるto paint; to plaster
N4眠るねむるto sleep
N4残るのこるto stay; to remain
N4運ぶはこぶto carry
N4払うはらうto pay
N4光るひかるto shine
N4引き出すひきだすto withdraw
N4引っ越すひっこすto move house
N4開くひらくto open
N4拾うひろうto pick up
N4太るふとるto become fat
N4踏むふむto step on
N4降り出すふりだすto start to rain
N4参るまいるto go; to come (humble)
N4間に合うまにあうto be in time
N4回るまわるto go around
N4見つかるみつかるto be found
N4向かうむかうto head towards
N4召し上がるめしあがるto eat; to drink
N4戻るもどるto return
N4申すもうすto be called; to say
N4焼くやくto bake; to grill
N4役に立つやくにたつto be helpful
N4止むやむto stop
N4寄るよるto stop by
N4喜ぶよろこぶto be happy
N4沸かすわかすto boil
N4沸くわくto be boiling
N4笑うわらうto laugh; to smile
N3扱うあつかうto deal with
N3表すあらわすto express
N3現すあらわすto reveal
N3当たるあたるto hit
N3抱くいだくto hold
N3至るいたるto reach
N3受け取るうけとるto receive
N3動かすうごかすto move
N3失ううしなうto lose
N3疑ううたがうto doubt
N3撃つうつto shoot
N3移すうつすto transfer
N3唸るうなるto howl
N3奪ううばうto rob
N3裏切るうらぎるto betray
N3描くえがくto draw
N3追いつくおいつくto catch up
N3追うおうto chase
N3覆うおおうto cover
N3贈るおくるto give
N3起こるおこるto occur
N3劣るおとるto inferior
N3及ぼすおよぼすto exert
N3下ろすおろすto take down
N3降ろすおろすto discharge passengers from
N3飼うかうto keep
N3輝くかがやくto shine
N3罹るかかるto get sick
N3限るかぎるto limit
N3隠すかくすto hide
N3囲むかこむto surround
N3稼ぐかせぐto earn
N3語るかたるto talk
N3悲しむかなしむto be sad
N3刈るかるto mow
N3効くきくto be effective
N3気付くきづくto notice
N3気に入るきにいるto love
N3嫌うきらうto hate
N3食うくうto eat
N3腐るくさるto rot
N3組むくむto put together
N3暮らすくらすto live
N3繰り返すくりかえすto repeat
N3狂うくるうto go mad
N3苦しむくるしむto suffer
N3加わるくわわるto join
N3異なることなるto be different
N3断ることわるto turn down
N3好むこのむto prefer
N3殺すころすto kill
N3転ぶころぶto fall
N3逆らうさからうto defy
N3叫ぶさけぶto call out
N3指すさすto point
N3誘うさそうto invite
N3覚ますさますto wake up
N3去るさるto leave
N3沈むしずむto sink
N3従うしたがうto follow
N3支払うしはらうto pay
N3示すしめすto show
N3救うすくうto save
N3過ごすすごすto spend
N3注ぐそそぐto pour into
N3育つそだつto grow
N3倒すたおすto knock down
N3戦うたたかうto fight
N3叩くたたくto hit
N3立ち上がるたちあがるto stand up
N3経つたつto pass
N3黙るだまるto shut up
N3試すためすto try
N3頼るたよるto rely
N3捕まるつかまるto get caught
N3掴むつかむto grab
N3就くつくto get (a job)
N3繋ぐつなぐto connect
N3出会うであうto meet
N3通すとおすto pass through
N3解くとくto solve
N3届くとどくto reach
N3飛ばすとばすto skip
N3飛び出すとびだすto run out
N3流すながすto dash
N3似合うにあうto look good
N3握るにぎるto hold
N3抜くぬくto pull out
N3願うねがうto wish
N3残すのこすto leave
N3除くのぞくto exclude
N3伸ばすのばすto extend
N3望むのぞむto hope
N3昇るのぼるto rise
N3計るはかるto measure
N3吐くはくto spit
N3外すはずすto remove
N3話し合うはなしあうto discuss
N3離すはなすto separate
N3話すはなすto speak
N3省くはぶくto omit
N3張るはるto spread
N3轢くひくto run over
N3引っ張るひっぱるto pull
N3広がるひろがるto spread
N3含むふくむto include
N3防ぐふせぐto prevent
N3減らすへらすto reduce
N3減るへるto decrease
N3微笑むほほえむto smile
N3増すますto increase
N3学ぶまなぶto learn
N3招くまねくto incur
N3守るまもるto protect
N3回すまわすto turn
N3結ぶむすぶto tie
N3申し込むもうしこむto apply
N3戻すもどすto return
N3基づくもとづくto be based on
N3もらうもらうto get
N3雇うやとうto hire
N3破るやぶるto break
N3譲るゆずるto hand over
N3許すゆるすto forgive
N3酔うようto get drunk
N3横切るよこぎるto cross
N3止すよすto stop
N3割るわるto divide