Japanese Learning

Japanese Proverb

阿吽の呼吸あうんのこきゅうhave a good chemistry
青は藍より出でて藍より青しあおはあいよりいでてあいよりあおしThe student may surpass the teacher.
秋茄子は嫁に食わすなあきなすはよめにくわすなtake good care of wife.
秋の日は釣瓶落としあきのひはつるべおとしthe autumn sun sinks as quickly as a bucket falling into a well
足元を見るあしもとをみるfinding the weaknesses of the other party.
足をすくわれるあしをすくわれるIf someone is not careful enough, he/she might fail.
虻蜂取らずあぶはちとらずfall between two stools
雨降って地固まるあめふってじかたまるAfter rain comes fair weather.
石橋を叩いて渡るいしばしをたたいてわたるbeing excessively cautious
石の上にも三年いしのうえにもさんねんperseverance prevails
急がば回れいそがばまわれmore haste, less speed
一矢報いるいっしむくいるto fight back
犬の遠吠えいぬのとおぼえgrumblings of a loser
犬も歩けば棒に当たるいぬもあるけばぼうにあたるnothing will change if you do nothing
魚心あれば水心うおごころあればみずごころif you do a favor for somebody, you will get a return favor
牛にひかれて善光寺参りうしにひかれてぜんこうじまいりGoslings lead the geese to water
嘘から出た実うそからでたまことMany a true word is spoken in jest
嘘八百うそはっぴゃくa pack of lies
嘘も方便うそもほうべんthe ends justify the means
馬の耳に念仏うまのみみにねんぶつIn one ear and out the other.
海千山千うみせんやませんa sly old fox
瓜の蔓に茄子はならぬうりのつるになすびはならぬ‎Eagles do not breed doves
噂をすれば影が差すうわさをすればかげがさすspeak of the devil
海老で鯛を釣るえびでたいをつるuse small fry to catch (a) big fish
鬼に金棒おににかなぼうstrong beyond strong
女心と秋の空おんなごころとあきのそらWomen are as fickle as autumn weather.
風が吹けば桶屋が儲かるかぜがふけばおけやがもうかるbutterfly effect
火中の栗を拾うかちゅうのくりをひろうPull someone’s chestnuts out of the fire.
果報は寝て待てかほうはねてまてGood things come to those who wait.
枯れ木も山の賑わいかれきもやまのにぎわいAnything is better than nothing.
可愛い子には旅をさせよかわいいこにはたびをさせよIf you love your child, send him/her out into the world.
窮鼠猫を噛むきゅうそねこをかむA cornered rat will bite the cat.
木を見て森を見ずきをみてもりをみずFailing to see the big picture.
口八丁手八丁くちはっちょうてはっちょうa good talker and efficient worker who gets things done.
口は災いの門くちはわざわいのかどThe mouth is the source of all disaster.
継続は力なりけいぞくはちからなりpractice makes perfect.
犬猿の仲けんえんのなかhate each other
後悔先に立たずこうかいさきにたたずRepentance comes too late.
郷に入っては郷に従えごうにいってはごうにしたがえwhen in Rome, do as the Romans do
弘法も筆の誤りこうぼうもふでのあやまりEven Homer sometimes nods.
山椒は小粒でもぴりりと辛いさんしょうはこつぶでもぴりりとからいA little body often harbors a great soul.
三人寄れば文殊の知恵さんにんよればもんじゅのちえTwo heads are better than one.
知らぬが仏しらぬがほとけignorance is bliss
好きこそものの上手なれすきこそもののじょうずなれDo what you love and money will follow.
過ぎたるは猶及ばざるが如しすぎたるはなおおよばざるがごとしtoo much of a good thing
雀の涙すずめのなみだchicken feed
青天の霹靂せいてんのへきれきa bolt from the blue
雪隠で饅頭せっちんでまんじゅうEating a sweet cake in toilet alone in secret to prevents take away it.
備えあれば憂いなしそなえあればうれいなしYou can never be too prepared.
他山の石たざんのいしan example (from which one can profit)
立つ鳥跡を濁さずたつとりあとをにごさずCast no dirt into the well that gives you water.
足るを知る者は富むたるをしるものはとむA contented mind is a perpetual feast.
罪を憎んで人を憎まずつみをにくんでひとをにくまずCondemn the offense, but pity the offender.
鶴の一声つるのひとこえa word from the top
鉄は熱いうちに打ててつはあついうちにうてStrike while the iron is hot.
伝家の宝刀でんかのほうとうone's last resort
情けは人の為ならずなさけはひとのためならずOne good turn deserves another.
煮え湯を飲まされるにえゆをのまされるbe betrayed
二階から目薬にかいからめぐすりcompletely ineffective
二兎を追う者は一兎をも得ずにとをおうものはいっとをもえずIf you run after two hares, you will catch neither.
人間いたるところ青山ありにんげんいたるところせいざんありYou can make your living anywhere in this world.
人間万事塞翁が馬にんげんばんじさいおうがうまinscrutable are the ways of heaven
糠に釘ぬかにくぎhaving no effect
盗人猛々しいぬすっとたけだけしいThe guilty are audacious
猫に鰹節ねこにかつおぶしSet a wolf to guard the sheepfold.
猫に小判ねこにこばんcast pearls before swine
猫の額ねこのひたいtiny area
寝耳に水ねみみにみずa bolt from the blue
暖簾に腕押しのれんにうでおしIt’s a waste of time.
人の振り見て我が振り直せひとのふりみてわがふりなおせOne man's fault is another's lesson.
火に油を注ぐひにあぶらをそそぐadd fuel to the flames
火のない所に煙は立たぬひのないところにけむりはたたぬWhere there's smoke, there's fire.
百聞は一見に如かずひゃくぶんはいっけんにしかずSeeing is better than hearing.
夫婦喧嘩は犬も食わぬふうふげんかはいぬもくわぬOne should not interfere in lover's quarrels.
不幸中の幸いふこうちゅうのさいわいThank goodness for small favours.
冬来たりなば春遠からじふゆきたりなばはるとおからじIf winter comes, can spring be far behind?
へそで茶を沸かすへそでちゃをわかすPigs might fly.
下手の横好きへたのよこずきbad at (something) but love it
仏の顔も三度ほとけのかおもさんどeven the patience of a saint eventually runs out
馬子にも衣装まごにもいしょうFine feathers make fine birds.
ミイラ取りがミイラになるみいらとりがみいらになるMany go out for wool and come home shorn.
耳が痛いみみがいたいThat hits a sore spot.
昔取った杵柄むかしとったきねづかskill learned in one's former days
名馬に癖ありめいばにくせありgreat men have eccentricities
目から鱗が落ちるめからうろこがおちるbe awakened to the truth
目には目をめにはめをAn eye for an eye
餅は餅屋もちはもちやOne should go to specialists for the best results
桃栗三年柿八年ももくりさんねんかきはちねんIt takes time to see the results of your actions.
焼け石に水やけいしにみずa drop in the bucket
柳に雪折れなしやなぎにゆきおれなしthe soft may prove more durable than the hard
山あり谷ありやまありたにありLife has its ups and downs
病は気からやまいはきからFancy may kill or cure.
山より大きな猪は出ぬやまよりおおきないのししはでぬthings cannot be larger than the things that contain them
来年の事を言えば鬼が笑うらいねんのことをいえばおにがわらうFools set far trysts.
良薬は口に苦しりょうやくはくちににがしthe most helpful advice may be difficult to listen to
類は友を呼ぶるいはともをよぶBirds of a feather flock together.
老兵は死なず、消え去るのみろうへいはしなず、きえさるのみold soldiers never die, they just fade away
我が身をつねって人の痛さを知れわがみをつねってひとのいたさをしれwalk a mile in other's shoes to understand their suffering
禍を転じて福と為すわざわいをてんじてふくとなすGood comes out of evil.
笑う門には福来るわらうかどにはふくきたるLaughter is the key to happiness.