Japanese Learning

Four character idiom

愛別離苦あいべつりくthe anguish of parting from one's loved ones
青息吐息あおいきといきbe in great distress
暗中模索あんちゅうもさくgrope in the dark
安分守己あんぶんしゅきTo live with the whole body in mind.
異口同音いくどうおんwith one voice
異国情緒いこくじょうちょexotic mood
為虎添翼いこてんよくAdding wings to a tiger.
石部金吉いしべきんきちman of incorruptible character
一期一会いちごいちえOnce-in-a-lifetime opportunity
一言居士いちげんこじa person who has something to say on anything and everything
一日千秋いちじつせんしゅうwait impatiently
一念発起いちねんほっきthe determination to accomplish something
一望千里いちぼうせんりsweeping view of the eye
一蓮托生いちれんたくしょうbe in the same boat
一騎当千いっきとうせんa mighty warrior
一刻千金いっこくせんきんevery moment is precious
一心不乱いっしんふらんreally into it
一世風靡いっせいふうびruling the times
右往左往うおうさおうgo this way and that
雨奇晴好うきせいこうscenery being beautiful in both rainy and sunny weather
雲散霧消うさんむしょうdisperse like mist
海千山千うみせんやませんa sly old fox
雲外蒼天うんがいそうてんWhen you make efforts and overcome your difficulties, you can see the clear blue sky at last.
雲蒸竜変うんじょうりゅうへんA hero is a product of the times.
雲中白鶴うんちゅうはっかくA beautiful and elegant lady like a white crane in the white clouds of blue sky.
栄枯盛衰えいこせいすいprosperity and decline
傍目八目おかめはちもくbystander's vantage point
温厚篤実おんこうとくじつhaving a gentle and sincere personality
温故知新おんこちしんdeveloping new ideas based on study of the past
海闊天空かいかつてんくうHeart and mind is wide like a sea and also clear like sky.
快刀乱麻かいとうらんまact decisively to solve a complicated problem
臥薪嘗胆がしんしょうたんendure a long and hard struggle
花鳥風月かちょうふうげつthe beauties of nature
我田引水がでんいんすいEvery miller draws water to his own mill
画竜点睛がりょうてんせいthe finishing stroke
汗牛充棟かんぎゅうじゅうとうa great number of books
勧善懲悪かんぜんちょうあくrewarding good and punishing evil
疑心暗鬼ぎしんあんきa doubt gnaw at
喜怒哀楽きどあいらくbe a person of moods
牛飲馬食ぎゅういんばしょくdrink like a fish and eat like a wolf
九夏三伏きゅうかさんぷくThe most hottest day of summer season, 90 days from May to August.
九牛一毛きゅうぎゅうのいちもうa drop in the bucket
九死一生きゅうしいっしょうnarrow escape from the jaw of death
恐悦至極きょうえつしごくextremely delighted
曲学阿世きょくがくあせいprostitution of learning, twisting the truth and truckling to the times
玉石混淆ぎょくせきこんこうmixture of the good and bad
魚目燕石ぎょもくえんせきAlmost indistinguishable faked items such as the eye ball of fish and the stone jwel from Mt Enzan in China. So confusing which is genuine or imitation.
議論百出ぎろんひゃくしゅつHeated discussion which came out one hundred different opinions.
金科玉条きんかぎょくじょうgolden rule
空前絶後くうぜんぜつごthe first and probably the last
空理空論くうりくうろんan empty, impractical theory
苦学力行くがくりっこうstrenuous pursuit of learning under difficulties
群雄割拠ぐんゆうかっきょrivalry between warlords
鯨飲馬食げいいんばしょくdrinking like a fish and eat like a horse
鶏口牛後けいこうぎゅうごbetter to be the beak of a rooster than the rump of a bull
言行一致げんこういっちbehavior consistent with one's words
乾坤一擲けんこんいってきstake everything one has
捲土重来けんどちょうらいregain/recoup lost ground
行雲流水こううんりゅうすいA cloud moving across the sky and a river running through the land
虎頭蛇尾こうとだびweak ending
呉越同舟ごえつどうしゅうbitter enemies in the same boat
五臓六腑ごぞうろっぷthe bowels
在在所所ざいざいしょしょhither and thither
才色兼備さいしょくけんびa lady gifted with both wits and beauty
三寒四温さんかんしおんalternation of three cold and four warm days
三々五々さんさんごごin groups of twos and threes
三者三様さんしゃさんようeach of the three is different from the other two
山紫水明さんしすいめいa place famous for its natural beauty
三千世界さんぜんせかいthe whole world
山川草木さんせんそうもくnatural scenery
四苦八苦しくはっくbe in great trouble
質実剛健しちじつごうけんsincere and sturdy
疾風勁草しっぷうけいそうYou can tell a person's ability when he is facing a difficulty
疾風迅雷しっぷうじんらいas quick as lightning
四面楚歌しめんそかWith enemies on all sides.
自由闊達じゆうかったつfree and easy
主客転倒しゅかくてんとうputting the cart before the horse.
種種雑多しゅじゅざったvarious opinions
白河夜船しらかわよぶねbe fast asleep
芝蘭玉樹しらんぎょくじゅExcellent human resources
事理明白じりめいはくfacts being beyond dispute
神出鬼没しんしゅつきぼつappears and disappears like a phantom
十人十色じゅうにんといろNo snowflakes fall in the same spot.
人生行路じんせいこうろjourney of life
森羅万象しんらばんしょうall things in nature
随処為主ずいしょいしゅAlways be independent and act regardless of the environment or circumstances.
水清無魚すいせいむぎょbeing too morally upright will not earn you friends
水天一碧すいてんいっぺきSky of blue and ocean of blue mixed with at the horizon.
星河一天せいがいってんCountless stars are shining all over the sky.
星火燎原せいかりょうげんa single spark can start a prairie fire
晴耕雨読せいこううどくwork in the field in fine weather and stay at home reading when it is wet
生生流転せいせいるてんall things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth
是々非々ぜぜひひfree and unbiased
是非善悪ぜひぜんあくrights and wrongs
千客万来せんきゃくばんらいhave a great number of visitors
千差万別せんさばんべつvary widely
千載一遇せんざいいちぐうa rare opportunity
千変万化せんぺんばんかchange endlessly
荘厳美麗そうごんびれいmajestic and splendid
大同小異だいどうしょういnearly alike
大同団結だいどうだんけつunite for a common purpose
単刀直入たんとうちょくにゅうbe straightforward
断簡零墨だんかんれいぼくSmall sentences written on the memo sheet with a brush pen.
知行合一ちこうごういつawareness comes only through practice
池魚籠鳥ちぎょろうちょうhave many constraints and regulations
朝改暮変ちょうかいぼへんSudden shift of orders without any principle and explanations.
跳梁跋扈ちょうりょうばっこbeing rampant
朝令暮改ちょうれいぼかいinconsistent behavior
猪突猛進ちょとつもうしんrush recklessly
適材適所てきざいてきしょthe right man in the right place
天衣無縫てんいむほうbe flawlessly composed
天下布武てんかふぶunify the nation by force
電光石火でんこうせっかquick as lightning
当意即妙とういそくみょうquickly make a witty reply
同工異曲どうこういきょくbe practically the same
東奔西走とうほんせいそうrun around everywhere
桃李成蹊とうりせいけいLots of people gather under a man of virtue
独立不羈どくりつふきacting according to one's own beliefs
図南鵬翼となんほうよくThe analogy of planning big projects and overseas
南船北馬ないせんほくばconstant travelling
内憂外患ないゆうがいかんtroubles at home and abroad
肉山脯林にくざんほりんBig dining party with lots of meats like a mountain and dried meat like a bush.
破顔一笑はがんいっしょうbreak into a broad smile
白砂青松はくしゃせいしょうbeautiful stretch of sandy beach
白兎赤烏はくとせきうWhite rabbit live on moon.” which means month, and “ Tree legged red crow live on sun.” which means date. That is Month & Date.
馬耳東風ばじとうふうin one ear and out the other
八面玲瓏はちめんれいろうbeautiful from all sides
八面六臂はちめんろっぴVersatile, competent in many fields
万紫千紅ばんしせんこうall sorts of flowers rioting in all their glory.
万事如意ばんじにょいhave all one's wishes
半死半生はんしはんしょうmore dead than alive
万物流転ばんぶつるてんeverything is constantly changing
万里一空ばんりいっくうWe're all under the same sky.
万里同風ばんりどうふうThe world is peaceful.
美意延年びいえんねんIf you feel good without having any worries, you can live longer.
美辞麗句びじれいくstring together all sorts of flowery words
百家争鳴ひゃっかそうめいfree and lively discussion by scholars and controversialists
百花繚乱ひゃっかりょうらんmultitude of flowers
表裏一体ひょうりいったいtwo sides of the same coin
夫唱婦随ふしょうふずいthe wife following the lead set by her husband
舞文弄法ぶぶんろうほうInterpret the terms of the law for one's own purpose
無礼千万ぶれいせんばんextremely rude
付和雷同ふわらいどうfollow blindly
粉骨砕身ふんこつさいしんdo one's best
文人墨客ぶんじんぼっかくwriters and artists
平身低頭へいしんていとうgo down on one's knees
本末転倒ほんまつてんとうput the cart before the horse
無芸大食むげいたいしょくhas no virtues other than his sound appetite
無明長夜むみょうじょうやthe long night of spiritual darkness
無理算段むりさんだんstrain one's credit
明鏡止水めいきょうしすいa mind as serene as a polished mirror
面従腹背めんじゅうふくはいpretending to obey but secretly betraying
面目躍如めんもくやくじょdemonstrative of one's worth
夜郎自大やろうじだいbeing a big fish in a small pond
羊質虎皮ようしつこひshowy without real worth
羊頭狗肉ようとうくにくcries wine and sells vinegar.
夜目遠目よめとおめwoman looks much more beautiful when seen from afar, in the dark, or hatted.
離合集散りごうしゅうさんalliance and rupture
理路整然りろせいぜんlogically consistent
竜騰虎闘りゅうとうことうpeople with the same power fight with all their might.
竜吟虎嘯りゅうぎんこしょうThose who have the same thoughts and opinions can communicate with each other.
魯魚章草ろぎょしょうそうmiswriting a word
老成円熟ろうせいえんじゅくExperienced skill of the old veteran who can cool decision with maturity.
六道輪廻ろくどうりんねendless circle of transmigration in the six posthumous worlds
和魂洋才わこんようさいJapanese spirit combined with Western learning
和風慶雲わふうけいうんA gentle blowing windy and fresh cloud.