Japanese Learning

Five character idiom

一工面二働いちくめんにはたらきIn order to be successful in this world, the first step is to devise, and the second step is to take action.
一姫二太郎いちひめにたろうIt's good to have a girl first and boy next.
井戸端会議いどばたかいぎsocializing with neighbors
運命共同体うんめいきょうどうたいcommunities bound together by a common destiny
得手不得手えてふえてstrong and weak points
小田原評定おだわらひょうじょうinconclusive discussion
御手並拝見おてなみはいけんlet's see what you've got
御役所仕事おやくしょしごとred tape
温良恭倹譲おんりょうきょうけんじょうcordial, obedient, respectful, modest, and moderate
顔見世興行かおみせこうぎょうa show with an all‐star cast
希代不思議きたいふしぎvery rare things
希望的観測きぼうてきかんそくwishful thinking
奇妙奇天烈きみょうきてれつvery strange
喧嘩両成敗けんかりょうせいばいIt takes two to tango
言行不一致げんこうふいっちinconsistency between one's words and actions
光陰如流水こういんりゅうすいのごとしtime flies like an arrow
五十歩百歩ごじっぽひゃっぽThat's six of one and half a dozen of the other.
三方一両損さんぼういちりょうぞんsharing the pain among three parties
自転車操業じてんしゃそうぎょうrob Peter to pay Paul
四万六千日しまんろくせんにちIf you visit the temple on July 10, it corresponds that you have visited the temple 46,000 days which is about 126 years.
白無垢鉄火しろむくてっかlooks elegant but inside is bad.
人生足別離じんせいはべつりにたるYou will leave one day.
治国平天下ちこくへいてんかgovern the states and bring peace to the land
出来合夫婦できあいふうふa couple united by mutual consent (without the intervention of a go-between)
出来不出来できふできsuccess or failure
手持無沙汰てもちぶさたhave nothing to do
十重二十重とえはたえa thick wall of spectators
日常茶飯事にちじょうさはんじdaily routine
日日是好日にちにちこれこうじつevery day is a good day
二万五千日にまんごせんにちVisit Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto or Nagasaki on July 10th. If you visit on this day, you will have the same benefit as visiting 25,000 days.
糠味噌女房ぬかみそにょうぼうhousewifely woman
白髪三千丈はくはつさんぜんじょうworried about something.
万物光輝生ばんぶつこうきをしょうずAll things give off the brilliance of life
非理法権天ひりほうけんてんright triumphs over wrong
武芸十八般ぶけいじゅうはっぱん18 skills of martial arts
風呂敷残業ふろしきざんぎょうovertime work at home without pay
本来無一物ほんらいむいちもつall things are essentially nothingness
三十一文字みそひともじa song of 31 syllables
水急不月流みずきゅうにしてつきをながさずthe moon was still in the stream
妙言無古今みょうげんにこきんなしwise saying is always wise.
見様見真似みようみまねfollowing somebody's example
無心得良悟むしんりょうごをうOnly when you are disinterested in things can you understand things.
明月流素光めいげつそこうをながすThe bright moon is high in the sky, and the shadow of the moon casts white light on the ground.
八重十文字やえじゅうもんじTie a string in multiple layers vertically and horizontally.
四畳半趣味よじょうはんしゅみenjoying food, drink and entertainment in a small room