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JLPT Vocabulary Course
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N5 Vocabulary Course

N5 Type-1 Verb(Part 3)

In this lesson, you can review the following words.


なるなるto become
脱ぐぬぐto take off
登るのぼるto climb
飲むのむto drink
乗るのるto get on
入るはいるto come in
穿くはくto put on (pants)
履くはくto put on (shoes/socks)
始まるはじまるto begin
走るはしるto run
働くはたらくto work
貼るはるto post
引くひくto pull
弾くひくto play (instruments)
吹くふくto blow
振るふるto shake; to dump
降るふるto fall down
曲がるまがるto turn
待つまつto wait
迷うまようto wonder
見送るみおくるto see off
磨くみがくto brush
申すもうすto say
持つもつto hold
休むやすむto take a rest
やるやるto do; to play (games)
呼ぶよぶto call
読むよむto read
分かるわかるto understand
渡すわたすto hand over
渡るわたるto cross

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