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JLPT Vocabulary Course
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N5 Vocabulary Course

N5 Type-1 Verb(Part 2)

In this lesson, you can review the following words.


消すけすto turn off, to remove
困るこまるto be in trouble
込むこむto be crowded
探すさがすto look for
咲くさくto bloom
差すさすto fill
死ぬしぬto die
閉まるしまるto be closed
知るしるto know
吸うすうto suck
滑るすべるto slip
住むすむto live
座るすわるto sit down
出すだすto take out
立つたつto stand
頼むたのむto request
違うちがうto be different
使うつかうto use
着くつくto arrive
作るつくるto make
飛ぶとぶto fly
止まるとまるto stop
取るとるto take
撮るとるto take (photos)
直すなおすto correct
泣くなくto cry
なくすなくすto lose
悩むなやむto be worried
習うならうto learn
並ぶならぶto line up

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