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N5 Kanji 42: 週

Meaning of kanji 週:

In Japanese, 週 means “week”.

How to read kanji 週:

KunyomiNot often used

How to write kanji 週:

Origin of kanji 週:

辶 is a radical that means “to walk”.
周 is a kanji that stands for the field long time ago.
So you can remember 週 by
“The man takes a walk in the field every week.”

Development of kanji 週:

Vocabulary containing kanji 週:

Basic毎週まいしゅうevery week
Basic来週らいしゅうnext week
Basic先週せんしゅうlast week
Basic今週こんしゅうthis week
Inter再来週さらいしゅうweek after next
S_Adv週休しゅうきゅうweekly day off

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N5 Words Containing Kanji 週:

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3 thoughts on “N5 Kanji 42: 週

  1. Hey Marshall,

    Just wondering if there is a mistake in the picture of development, or just the development of 週 and 周 are the same, or you saw the development of 周 + explaining you walk around 周 (adding the 辶) makes up 週? In the picture of development, the end result is 周.


    1. Admin bar avatar

      Yes, Because Kanji are from China, so I need to explain The Origin of Kanji using Chinese Kanji.
      There is no kanji 週 in Chinese, Since they are from the same origin, so I use the development of 周 to explain 週(they are similar, right?)


  2. Thank you! That makes sense. It is good that it is not a mistake.


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