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Pronoun Course

Lesson 1: This,That,Which one

In this lesson, I will teach you how to say “this”, “that” and “which one” in Japanese.

How to say “This,That,Which one” in Japanese?

これこれ means 【this】 → things close to the talker but far from the listener
それそれ means 【that】 → things close to the listener but far from the talker
あれあれ means 【that】 → things both far from the talker and the listener
どれどれ means 【which one】 → things that you are not sure


これはなんですか。What’s this?
それはわたしいえです。That is my house.
あれはしょです。That is a dictionary.
どれがきですか。Which one do you like?


If you are talking to your superior, You can use こちら/そちら/あちら/どちら instead of これ/それ/あれ/どれ, they are more polite.

4 thoughts on “Lesson 1: This,That,Which one

  1. Hi, is this line correct?
    そちら、こっち→there Directions close to the listener but far from the talker
    Or should it be そっち?
    If it is correct, could you explain, why this one is the same as こちら、こっち→here?
    Thank you 🙂

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