Japanese Learning

The Ultimate Guide: Basic I

Many people don’t know how to learn Japanese step by step from scratch.
So I made this guide to help you. You need to do something in order to reach every level. (I will try to make every level easy enough so you can reach it in a short time.)
Level 1: Master あいうえおStart
Level 2: Master かきくけこStart
Level 3: Master さしすせそStart
Level 4: Master たちつてとStart
Level 5: Master なにぬねのStart
Level 6: Master はひふへほStart
Level 7: Master まみむめもStart
Level 8: Master やゆよStart
Level 9: Master らりるれろStart
Level 10: Master わをんStart
Level 11: Master All Hiragana(1)Start
Level 12: Master All Hiragana(2)Start
Level 13: Master All Hiragana(3)Start
Level 14: Master アイウエオStart
Level 15: Master カキクケコStart
Level 16: Master サシスセソStart
Level 17: Master タチツテトStart
Level 18: Master ナニヌネノStart
Level 19: Master ハヒフヘホStart
Level 20: Master マミムメモStart
Level 21: Master ヤユヨStart
Level 22: Master ラリルレロStart
Level 23: Master ワヲンStart
Level 24: Master All Katakana(1)Start
Level 25: Master All Katakana(2)Start
Level 26: Master All Katakana(3)Start
Level 27: Master Dakuon&Han-Dakuon(1)Start
Level 28: Master Dakuon&Han-Dakuon(2)Start
Level 29: Master Dakuon&Han-Dakuon(3)Start
Level 30: Master Japanese Yōon(1)Start
Level 31: Master Japanese Yōon(2)Start
Level 32: Master Japanese Yōon(3)Start
Level 33: Master Japanese SokuonStart
Level 34: Master Japanese Prolonged Sounds(1)Start
Level 35: Master Japanese Prolonged Sounds(2)Start
Level 36: Master Japanese Prolonged Sounds(3)Start
Level 37: Master Basic Expression(1)Start
Level 38: Master Basic Expression(2)Start
Level 39: Master Basic Expression(3)Start
Level 40: Master Basic Expression(4)Start
Level 41: Master Basic Expression(5)Start
Level 42: Master Basic Expression(6)Start
Level 43: Master Basic Expression(7)Start
Level 44: Master Personal Pronoun(1)Start
Level 45: Master Personal Pronoun(2)Start
Level 46: Master Personal Pronoun(3)Start
Level 47: Master Personal Pronoun(4)Start
Level 48: Master Demonstrative Pronoun(1)Start
Level 49: Master Demonstrative Pronoun(2)Start
Level 50: Master Demonstrative Pronoun(3)Start
Level 51: Master Demonstrative Pronoun(4)Start
Level 52: Master Demonstrative Pronoun(5)Start
Level 53: Master Verb ClassificationStart
Level 54: Master Polite Form of VerbStart
Level 55: Master Plain Past Tense Form of VerbStart
Level 56: Master Plain Negative Form of VerbStart
Level 57: Master Plain Te Form of VerbStart
Level 58: Master Polite Past Tense Form of VerbStart
Level 59: Master Polite Negative Form of VerbStart
Level 60: Master Polite Te Form of VerbStart
Level 61: Master Plain Negative Past Tense Form of VerbStart
Level 62: Master Polite Negative Past Tense Form of VerbStart