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First, Thank you for opening this page.

Why I need people’s support?

As you can see, this website is free and no ads, so it doesn’t make profit at all.

I don’t want to post ads because it will hurt user experience.

However, it took me hundreds of hours and dollars to make this website.

And I’m a student so I can’t afford all the cost as the cost grows.

I also need to do part-time job to support my living because the expense in Tokyo is very high.

There is no doubt that your support will give me the motivation and the funds to make this website live longer and keep free.

I don’t want to lose this website because of the money, I want to help more and more people to learn Japanese, enjoy this amazing language, so if you like this website and want to keep it free and no ads,you can click the button below to support it. I will keep it free as long as I can cover the cost by donations.(Because it’s not free to make a website, and the server will be more and more expensive as the users grow. )

For people who support me, I will add a “contributor” title below your Avatar in the forum, and give priority to what you want to learn.(Just contact me in the Facebook Or discord server and I will make contents for you.)
it’s a way of saying thank you.

Thanks for your kindness.

What will I do when I get the donation?

I will use the funds to buy better server to make the website faster so that you can have a better user experience.

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