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N5 Kanji 11:百


In Japanese,百 means “hundred”.

How to read it:

Kunyomi:Not often used

How to write it:

How to use it:

二百(にひゃく)→two hundred
百歳(ひゃくさい)→one hundred years old
百年(ひゃくねん)→one hundred years


一 + 白 = 百。
You can see 白 is a candle here.
If you have a candle,your room will become bright,which is white,so 白 means “white”.
And in Chinese,The pronunciation of 白 is similar to 百,so we add a line on top of 白 to create 百.
You can remember this kanji by “It took me one dollar to buy this candle,and I sold it for one hundred dollars.”


As you know the origin of this kanji,now you can remember it easier.

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