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Website Guide

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In this post, I will give you some tips on how to use this website.

Note: Feel free to use Japanese Growth Path to keep your motivation! (The contents are the same as the course below. It’s just a tool to help you make progress easier.)You can also find it in the footer of this website.


Note 2: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me in the forum, other users can learn from your questions too!😄


About the Website

①If you want to add this website to home screen (Just like an app), here is a post to help you.
②If you want to practice your Japanese, you can use Japanese Language Only forum.
③If you want to ask questions, you can ask me in the forum!

④If you want to use this website in dark mode, you can click here.

⑤There is a like button below every lesson and every course, after you logged in, you can click the like button to mark the lessons/courses you have learned, so that you know what you have learned.




About JLPT

This website is organized by JLPT Level, JLPT is Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, N5 is the lowest level and N1 is the highest level.

If you want to travel to Japan, then N4 Level is enough for you, if you want to study or work in Japan, then N1 Level is necessary.


About the Course 

①The best practice is to learn the course one by one.
②The Grammar/Kanji Links above the Courses Table are tools to help you search Grammar and Kanji easier.


About the Quiz History

If you want to review your mistake, here is a post to teach you how.


About the Point System and Badge System

Here is a post to help you.


About the What's New.

You can practice your Japanese here.

And you can see what you sent in "My activity", if you are on PC, Just hover over the Avatar, if you are on Mobile, Just click the arrow on the right of your Avatar.


About How to use the forum.

Here is a post to help you. you can ask questions in the forum.