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Progress Log --- August 2020

What you have learned this month?

You can reply to this thread when you learned something every day or every other day and stop it for a while when you are too busy to learn Japanese. It all depends on you!

I think it's way better to share the same thread with others so you can find that you are not alone! We are always here!


You can share the new tools you use recently! or some good methods to learn kanji/vocabulary/grammar

Everything is okay!




An example:


I have learned 10 new kanji today and learned 5 grammar rules.

reviewed grammar rule 過ぎ/前、すこし、and ~中.

practice the kanji I learned before by writing them on paper.


i am improving in hiragana and katakana, at first i am reading like a pre-school now it level up to elementary hahaha this site helped me a lot to practice my hiragana and katakana as well as the reading part 😀

From the Learning Resources thread, has been helping me a lot with remembering and reading hiragana and katakana, and help me remember all the glyphs properly. I think it would be really useful for you.

Otherwise I've been doing some work on the Grammar section of this website and trying to remember the rules properly. My goal for the next few days is to get 100% on all tests.

Today I practice the grammar I learned this week, い and な adjectives, along with  7 new Kanjis related to them and 3 related to time.

Although the structure of adjectives are very different from what I know, a bit of English, Spanish, and more widely portuguese, it is not hard to conjugate and deal with as I first thought.

I finished the all particles courses! I still didn't master them, it's going to be a while for it. I finished the Sentance structure in short time because it's a review for what we got.

I am officially back for the reading course, I finished the 1st two parts a while ago, I have to practice them today and move on to the 3rd part.

a shepherd boy was taking care of master’s sheep near a dark forest that is not far from village.

羊飼(ひつじか) い少年(しょうねん) は村(むら) から遠(とお) くない暗(くら) い森(もり) の近(ちか=くで主人の羊の世話をしたいました。

で、is the place where it does take action.

Part 2: (I am trying to write without copying BTW)

Soon, spending time in grassland became very boring.
Only something like talking to the dog or playing the shepherd flute can refresh the boy.


Part 3,which I am going to learn today.

One day, while watching the sheep and quiet forest, as soon as the boy was sitting and thinking that what should I do if the wolves come, he came up with a good thing to refresh himself.

ある日羊と静(しず) かな森を見ながら座(すわ) り、もし狼(おおかみ) が来(き) たらどうしようかと考(かんが) えたら気晴らしによいことを思いつきました.

Will be back again to practice part 3.

Reviewing part 3 today and learning part 4.






Going to create a sentance on my own like this.

In this year, while Ada was looking at the flowers and beautiful river, she thought to her self and said "Does Annette know where John is?"


今年エイダは花(はな) と美しい川を見ながらアネットはジョンのどころに知っているの?


The master said to the boy that just call for help if the wolves come and attack the flock of sheep, because then the villagers will drive away the wolves.

主人(しゅじん)は狼(おおかみ) が羊の群(む) れを襲(おそ) ってきたら助(たす) けを呼べ、そうしたら村人(びと) たちが狼を追(お)い払(はら) うからと少年に言ってありました


Claire told Sherry to call for help if zombies tried to kill her mother, because then Ada will come help.


Therefore, although the boy can’t see anything that looks like wolves, he called at the top of his voice that “It’s the wolf, it’s the wolf!” and ran toward the direction of village.

そこで狼(おおかみ) らしいいものは何もなくても少年は声(こえ) を限(かぎ) りに[狼だ、狼だ]と叫(さけ) んで村の方(ほう) へ走(はし) って行きました

I'm practicing the verbs in the past, converting it from the dictionary form. 2 weeks ago I studied how to do it and, in the next week, my focus was to fully understand the verbs types through polite conjugations. Now it's the time to go further.

For my practice, this app has been very useful, it's called Japanese conjugator.

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Learned N4 grammar :


Ex :

彼の大成功が物語、聞きたがたいな人が多いよ。A lot of people wants to hear his story of big success.

君はこのラーメンを食べたがないじゃなくても大丈夫です。もうほとんど冷たいになりました... It’s ok if you don’t want to eat this ramen. It almost became cold....


あの人は鯨のようにプールへ飛び込めた。That person dived into the pool like a whale.

普段、彼は野菜が嫌いようだため、私たちは彼の健康に本当に心配した。Usually, because he seems like he hates vegetables, we are truly worried about his health.



I quickly ran to school after brushing my teeth. The time is almost running out.

~ うちに


Let’s fix the problem when it’s still early.