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☆ Word Lists by Theme I(100)Start
Genki 1 Grammar Review(29)Start
☆ Japanese Fairy Tale(64)Start
☆ N5 Reading Material(62)Start
☆ N4 Reading Material(55)Start
☆ Useful N5 Set Phrases(32)Start
☆ Useful N4 Set Phrases(40)Start
Verb Conjugation Input Quiz(11)Start
☆ Genki 1 Vocabulary Input Quiz(12)Start
☆ Genki 2 Vocabulary Input Quiz(11)Start
☆ N5 Kanji Input Quiz(21)Start
☆ N4 Kanji Input Quiz(35)Start
N3 Kanji Input Quiz(29)Start
☆ N5 Vocabulary Input Quiz(17)Start
☆ N4 Vocabulary Input Quiz(14)Start
☆ N5 English to Japanese Quiz(65)Start
☆ N5 Kanji Flashcards(105)Start
☆ Katakana Word Input Quiz(100)Start
☆ Intermediate Dialogues(100)Start
Spoken Japanese(6)Start
Sentence by Category(20)Start
Japanese Funny Story(27)Start
☆ All verbs that end with う(34)Start
☆ All verbs that end with く(34)Start
☆ All verbs that end with ぐ(5)Start
Reading Material With Quiz(4)Start
Short Reading Material(30)Start
Japanese Long Conversation(6)Start
Japanese Adverb Course(5)Start
Katakana Word Course(10)Start
Type-1 Verb Course(10)Start
Type-2 Verb Course(10)Start
Type-3 Verb Course(10)Start