【8】Reading Course

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【8】Reading Course

Part 6

The sentences below are what we need to learn in this lesson.

Note: I will only explain the first sentence in this part, and the sentences in part 7 and part 8 are also used for practice. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below to ask me.



Before you learn the sentence, let us learn the vocabulary first.

Note: The blue kanji is clickable, will redirect you to the kanji page in a new tab.

to hear
ちゅうだんするto stop
やってくるto come
to arrive
しかけるto set up
げるto bend
おおわらいするlaugh one’s head off


How to read the first sentence step by step?

Step 1: Find the subject/topic of this sentence by the particle は or が.

In this sentence, the topic is 村人むらびとたち.
Step 2: Find the verb of this sentence. (Usually, the verb is in the end of the sentence.)

In this sentence, the verb is やってきました.
(Meaning: to go)
Step 3: Find the object of this verb by particle を.

We found two sentences here.
The first sub sentence is ごとちゅうだん
The second sub sentence is 牧草ぼくそうにやってきました。

In written Japanese, we can use Polite Form of Verb(delete ます) to separate a long sentence, so we can express a series of actions easily.

The destination of やってきました is 牧草ぼくそう
The object of ちゅうだんする(meaning: to stop) is ごと
Step 4: Combine everything we find in the steps above.

villagers who heard of the scream stopped the work and came to the grassland.
Step 5: Figure out the “sub part” of this sentence.

Just as the boy thought, villagers who heard of the scream

そのさけごえいた is used to describe the villagers. It’s an Attributive Clause.

Just in case you want to review the particles and grammar rules, below is a table to help you.

to express the reason,So ぶんのしかけたいたずら is the reason of からだげて大笑おおわらいしていました。
When you want to change a sentence to a noun, just change the が to の, for example, change ぶんがしかけたいたずら to ぶんのしかけたいたずら.
とおmeans “just as… “
おもったとおり means “just as the boy thought”.
〜てみるとmeans “when they (tried to)…”, いてみると means “when they arrived”.


Just as the boy thought, villagers who heard of the scream stopped the work and came to the grassland, when they arrived, the boy laughed his head off with the body bent because of the mischief he set up.


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