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Particle Course


Particle is something attached to the end of word to express the relationship between words.


You can’t use Particle alone. Particle must be attached to something else (Noun, Verb, Adjective, etc.).

There are many particles in Japanese.
But in modern Japanese, particles can be divided into four types:
①case particle
②conjunction particle
③adverbial particle
④sentence-ending particle

Case Particle:

case particle is usually attached to a noun to express the relationship between this noun and other words. (noun, verb and adjective).

Note: In order to make your life easier, I changed the text color to red for all particles in this Course.


にわはなFlowers in the garden
やまさんなかさんMr.Yamada and Mr.Tanaka
つくえうえほんあります。There is a book on the desk.
ほんみます。read a book.
10じゅうからじゅぎょうはじめます。I will start the class at 10 o’clock.

We will learn case particle first in this Course because this is the most important type.

Note: I will make lessons for other types when I finished N1 Kanji Course.


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