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Alphabet Course

Lesson 2:かきくけこ

か is pronounced as /ka/.

A kite is flying in the sky.

か as in “kite”.

How to read it:

How to write it:

き is pronounced as /ki/.

I have a key.

き as in “key”.

How to read it:

How to write it:

く is pronounced as /ku/.

Here comes a cuckoo bird.

く as in “cuckoo”.

How to read it:

How to write it:

け is pronounced as /ke/.

There’s a keg of beer.

け as in “keg”.

How to read it:

How to write it:

こ is pronounced as /ko/.

A core of an apple is hard to eat.

こ as in “core”.

How to read it:

How to write it:


The handwritten font and print font of き is different. Please take care.

handwritten fontprint font

26 thoughts on “Lesson 2:かきくけこ

  1. This is awesome so far, I’m about to take a Japanese course this Spring 2020 and these little pictures are quite helpful in remembering how to pronounce them.

  2. Hi, do you recommend us drawing the hiragana as the typed version online or like in the videos with the stroke order? Cause some looking different, fx with “き”. In the typed version, the bottom stroke is connected, but not in the drawn version.

  3. Thank you for making this blog. I have ADHD and its quite the struggle for me to learn new things. However, the pictures and the animations on how to write the characters are very helpful!

  4. I love that you put in the mnemonics! I actually learned some different ones and was wondering if there would be a way to share different mnemonics so people can use different ones if some don’t stick with them. Maybe just leaving them here in the comments or in the forum? If you put it on the webpage maybe a small arrow next to the box that slides over a different one? Your website design is very nice and slick and I’d hate to suggest something may not fit in with your design.

    I learned Ka is a lady doing the can-can dance and Ko is two koi fish swimming.

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